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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Arroyo Corte Madera
Topic Sediment: V* for Arroyo Corte Madera and Old Mill Creeks 2005

Caption:  The chart table "vstar_acmc_05_reaches.db" contains summary data from 2005 V* sampling by the Mill Valley StreamKeepers. V* is in percent. A V* of 50% means half of the residual pool is filled with fine sediment. Field definitions are as follows: Pools=number of pools in reach; Water_Vol=volume of water within residual pool in cubic yards; Sed_Vol=volume of sediment within residual pool in cubic yards; Sed_pct= the percentage of residual pool filled by sediment; V_starw= the weighted average V*; V_Starw = the average percent of sediment in the reach weighted by pool volume (V*w); V_se = the standard error for the weighted average V*.

 50 rows of a possible 559 have been displayed.
Lower ACMArroyo Corte Madera2005434.516.3715.684.40.160.002248816057507470.0474216834107297
Upper ACMArroyo Corte Madera2005412.273.321.
Old Mill CreekArroyo Corte Madera2005451.988.3613.986.10.140.001591678249086430.0398958425037801

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