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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Regional
Topic Sediment: Road Densities for All East Marin-Sonoma Planning Watersheds

Caption:  The Chart Table "roads_densities_northbay_basinwide_100k.dbf" is derived from roads as mapped at a scale of 100K by the USGS. Road densities (ROADDENS) in mile per square mile by Calwater Planning Watershed (PWSNAME) were calculated by Dr. Paul Trichilo of the KRIS IFR staff. AREA_MI2 = area of pwsname (square miles), R_LENGTH = total road length within pwsname (miles).

 50 rows of a possible 63 have been displayed.
Bear CreekBear Cr18.738.252.27
Upper Sonoma CreekU Sonoma Cr87.9418.954.64
Upper CalabazasU Calabazas73.1218.064.05
Lower CalabazasL Calabazas109.3418.845.8
Nathanson CreekNathanson Cr59.214.324.13
Mouth of Sonoma CreekM of Sonoma Cr201.5157.43.51
Lynch CreekLynch Cr43.4516.372.65
Adobe CreekAdobe Cr32.5314.072.31
Lower Petaluma RiverL Petaluma R198.2742.984.61
Haraszthy CreekHaraszthy Cr33.86113.08
Champlin CreekChamplin Cr22.017.323.01
Upper San Antonio CreeU San Antonio Cr27.614.831.86
Tolay CreekTolay Cr32.4411.732.77
Stage GulchStage Gulch32.811.672.81
Lower San Antonio CreeL San Antonio Cr36.6916.062.29
Basalt CreekBasalt Cr35.538.054.41
Stafford LakeStafford Lake31.114.152.2
Arroyo AvichiArroyo Avichi128.4413.49.59
Gallinas CreekGallinas Cr168.4525.476.61
Miller CreekMiller Cr92.6316.755.53
San Anselmo CreekSan Anselmo Cr113.2712.858.81
San Rafael CreekSan Rafael Cr161.4711.8513.63
Ross CreekRoss Cr138.2911.6211.9
Belvedere LagoonBelvedere Lgn123.99.3413.26
Old Mill CreekOld Mill Cr204.8315.1813.49

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