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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Corte Madera Creek
Topic Sediment: Median Particle Sizes (D50) for Corte Madera Creek 1999

Caption:  The Chart Table stetson_d50.xls.db shows bed surface particle size statistics for Corte Madera Creek tributaries in 1999. Data were collected by Stetson Engineers, Inc. A total of 21 pebble counts were collected throughout the watershed. See full report in KRIS bibliography. D50 is the median surface particle size, and D84 refers to the particle size with 84% cumulative particle distribution finer than. Mannings_n was computed from Limerinos equation, 1/sqrt (f) = 1.16 + 2.0 log10(R/D84). Mannings n = 0.0926 R**(1/6)/(1/sqrt(f)) where R is the hydraulic radius, assumed to be 1 foot. SLOPE was determined from step-backwater calculations using the USACE HEC-2 program.

 50 rows of a possible 510 have been displayed.
SAN ANSELMO CR41.377.20.03940.0085
ROSS CR36.759.90.0360.00445
FAIRFAX CR28.142.60.03230.0044
LARKSPUR CR1734.40.03030.0035
SLEEPY HOLLOW CR22.337.80.03120.003
SORICH CR30.254.20.03480.00295
DEER PARK CR23.243.90.03260.0027
UPPER SAN ANSELMO CR651660.05480.00131
WOOD LANE CR22.744.60.03270.00109

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