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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Petaluma River
Topic Habitat: Maximum Pool Depth per Reach in San Antonio Creek 2000

Caption:  The Chart Table san_antonio_collins2000.xls.db shows results from a geomorphic analysis conducted along 6.6 miles of San Antonio Creek, a tributary of the Petaluma River, between September and November, 2000. Some percentage totals exceeded 100% due to rounding. Data were collected by Laurel Collins. The abbreviations in the table are defined below: REACHES=Mainstem reaches studied, GRADIENT=USGS topo stream gradient (%), STABLEBNK=Length of stable banks (%), ERODINGBNK=Length of eroding banks (%), REVETBNK=Length of reverted banks (%), UNDETBNK=Length of undetermined banks (%), SEDSUPPLY=Total rate of sediment supply from bed and banks (cubic feet/linear feet/year), SEDSOURCE=Dominant sediment source, D50=Sand and smaller D50 size classes (%), POOLS_TOTAL=Total number of pools greater than or equal to 1 foot deep POOLS_LT2=Number of pools less than 2ft deep, based on maximum depth POOLS_2_3=Number of pools 2-3 feet deep, based on maximum depth POOLS_GT3=Number of pools greater than feet deep, based on maximum depth PLCAUSE_NATURAL=Percent of pools caused by natural factors (bars, bends, bedrock, boulders, bank abutments, confluence, narrows), PLCAUSE_WOOD=Percent of pools caused by wood (roots, trunks, LWD, debris jam), PLCAUSE_MULTIPLE=Percent of pools caused by multiple factors (wood and natural causes), PLCAUSE_MAN=Percent of pools caused by man (backwater behind structures, concrete, sackcrete, CMP, rock weirs, rip-rap, bridge abutments POOLSPACING=Average distance between pools (feet) by reach, POOLPERFT=Number of pools per foot (average)/inverse of pool spacing, WOOD=Number of wood pieces, WOODSPACING=Average distance between pieces of wood (feet) by reach, WOODPERFT=Number of wood pieces per foot (average)/inverse of wood spacing, DEBRIS=Number of debris jams, WOODSUPPLY=Dominant wood supply process (other than float), BEDROCK_BNK=Length of bedrock for right and left banks (%), BEDROCK_BED=Length of bedrock in the bed (%), BEDROCK_COMB=Length of bedrock for the combined bed and banks (%), and LANDSLIDES=Length of landslides adjacent to banks (%).

 50 rows of a possible 180 have been displayed.
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekJersey0.3316822-1.37bed31161231-1231------18432902-
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekAvulsion0.835950-3.48bank3444---4----100---30017710-13.317.115.20
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekGap0.43140943bank111---1--------23181-
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekPond0.3721791-1.73bed4217132211322-165629-23866612-2419.521.70
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekBedrock0.2315841-3.35bank35352851-2851--80614-17965971-14.626.120.40
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekHolstein0.3518803-3.56bank47161222-1222--4413386250311331-1.400.70
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekOak0.4515795-1.62bed45321--21---3333-331096281220-
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekGuernsey0.2224751-1.39bed421312-1-12-1--7615--33647931-
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekHwy0.2548484-0.86bed54321--21---6633--128561631-0.300.20
Petaluma RiverSan Antonio CreekDitch0----0.61bed52211--11---100---10920-00-000

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