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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Petaluma River
Topic Land Cover: USFS Veg Size, Petaluma Creek Sub-basin 1999

Caption:  The Chart Table, veg_usfs_sizeclass_northbay_charttable.dbf, contains tree size data for Calwaters in the KRIS East Marin-Sonoma project area. Values are percent area of total Calwater area. Data are from USFS 1999 Landsat imagery. Vegetation is classified according to diameter at breast height (DBH): Giant > 50", Very Large = 40-50" DBH, Large = 30-39.9" DBH, Medium/Large = 20-29.9" DBH, Medium = 12-19.9" DBH, Small = 5-11.9" DBH, Saplings = 1-4.9" DBH, Non-Forest = No trees, shrubs, grass, bare soil. Click on Info Links for more information. The Columns list USFS class sizes and are classified according to diameter at breast height (DBH): [V_LARGE = Very Large = 40-50" DBH, LARGE = Large = 30-39.9" DBH, MED_LARGE = Medium/Large = 20-29.9" DBH, SMALL_MED = Small/Medium = 12-19.9" DBH, SMALL = Small = 5-11.9" DBH, SAPLINGS = Saplings = 1-4.9" DBH, NONFOREST = Non-Forest = No trees, shrubs, grass, bare soil.]. A key to Calwater Planning Watersheds (Calwaters): Bear Creek = Bear Cr, Upper Sonoma Creek = U Sonoma C, Upper Calabazas = U Calabaza, Lower Calabazas = L Calabaza, Nathanson Creek = Nathanson, Mouth of Sonoma Creek = Mo Sonoma, Lynch Creek = Lynch Cr, Adobe Creek = Adobe Cr, Lower Petaluma River = L Petaluma , Petaluma = Petaluma, Haraszthy Creek = Haraszthy, Champlin Creek = Champlin C, Upper San Antonio Creek = U San Anto, Tolay Creek = Tolay Cr, Stage Gulch = Stage Gulc, Lower San Antonio Creek = L San Anto, Basalt Creek = Basalt Cr, Stafford Lake = Stafford L, Arroyo Avichi = Arroyo Avi, Gallinas Creek = Gallinas C Miller Creek = Miller Cr San Anselmo Creek = San Anselm, San Rafael Creek = San Rafael, Ross Creek = Ross Cr, Belvedere Lagoon = Belvedere.

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