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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Petaluma River
Topic Sediment: Estimated Sediment Yields for Petaluma River Tribs 1996

Caption:  The Chart Table sed_petaluma_psiac1998.dbf shows data collected by NRCS AmeriCorps for tributaries in the Petaluma River watershed in 1998. The following data entries show factors for model inputs from field data: Geology, Soils, Climate, Runoff, Topo (topography), Cover (vegetative cover), Landmang (land management), Uplanderos (upland erosion), Chaneros (channel erosion and sediment transport), and Total=sum of factors. Sedyield=sediment yield in tons per acre, Sedyield_1=sediment yield in tons per mile, Area_acre=subwatershed area in acres, Estslope=estimated percent slope, and length=estimated stream length in feet.

 50 rows of a possible 180 have been displayed.
Petaluma RSan Antonio Cr36556-7-6312270.634038422400351353970
Petaluma RLynch Cr35578-4-5815421.0567784220031621490
Petaluma RLichau Cr35577-5-2510350.8353184270041435980
Petaluma RWillow Brook C35575-6-5412300.6943984280041224430
Petaluma RAdobe Cr26568-7-6713330.7749484350051724500

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