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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Page

Area Sonoma Creek
Topic Sediment: Fine Sediment <3mm for Sonoma Creek and Tributaries 1998
Caption:  The Chart displays the percentage of fine sediments less than 3mm from bulk samples taken in Sonoma Creek and its tributaries in 1998. No samples exceeded the 30% criteria for particles <3.35 mm as defined in Kondolf (2000). According to the accompanying report, fine sediments were not a limiting factor to salmonid spawning success. Data were collected by Mitchell Katzel and Oona McKnight for the Sonoma Ecology Center. Click Info Links for more information. A sites = Sonoma Creek in Adobe Canyon B sites = Bear Creek C sites = Sonoma Creek in Kenwood D sites = Graham Creek E sites = Sonoma Creek at Jack London Village F sites = Calabazas Creek G sites = Carriger Creek H sites = Sonoma Creek in Sonoma

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