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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Page

Area Sonoma Creek
Topic Temperature: Floating Weekly Average, Sonoma Creek Five Sites 1999
Caption:  The Chart shows the floating weekly average water temperature in Celsius (C) in Sonoma Creek for five sites in 1999. Maximum floating weekly average water temperatures (MWAT) exceeded 17.0C at all five sites, and exceeded 19.0C at three of five sites. Based on a review of steelhead growth studies, Sullivan et al. (2000) found that compared to optimum temperatures, an MWAT of 17.0C reduced steelhead growth by 10%, and an MWAT of 19.0C reduced growth by 20%. See Info Links for more information. Temperature data comes from automated water temperature data probes placed in the Sonoma Creek tributaries by the Sonoma Ecology Center.

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