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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Sonoma Creek
Topic Habitat: Percent Pools by Length in Upper Sonoma Creek 1996

Caption:  The Chart Table DFG_Sonoma_HAB_Reach.dbf contains summary data from the Sonoma Creek watershed habitat survey in 1996. Data were collected using CDFG protocol (California Department of Fish and Game, 1998). Field definitions are as follows: SURV_L_FT=Total length of stream surveyed in feet, CHN_TYP1=Rosgen channel type dominant, POOL_PCT=Percent pool habitat by length, DRY_ML_FT=Mean length of dry units, DRY_PCT=Percent dry habitat by length, PDEP_PGT3=Percent of pools with maximum depth greater than 3 ft, SHLTR_AVG=Average shelter rating, EMBED_L1=Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 1, EMBED_L2=Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 2, EMBED_L3=Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 3, EMBED_L4=Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 4, EMBED_L5=Percentage of pool tails with embeddedness rating 5, EMBD_AVG=Average embeddedness rating, CAN_CONIF=Percent of stream banks covered by coniferous canopy, CAN_DECID=Percent of stream banks covered by deciduous canopy, LOD_PCT=Large Organic Debris, percent occurrence, MEAN_POOL=Mean pool depth, ft, POOL_QUANT=Pool habitat quantity length in the reach, NON_POOL=Non-pool habitat length in the reach, DRY=Dry habitat length in the reach.

 50 rows of a possible 319 have been displayed.
Sonoma Creek112720f1900675578147154837461.82417103030
Sonoma Creek240262b19603215624013323223156619221.67650265806032
Sonoma Creek33595b20005724025631324679302.371928760
Sonoma Creek48318b14005250024334327712401.6116571530

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