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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Sonoma Creek
Topic Sediment: Bed Surface Particle Sizes for Sonoma Creek and Tribs 1998

Caption:  The Chart Table sec_spawning_gravel_table3.xls.db shows particle size statistics for 8 locations in Sonoma Creek and its tributaries in 1998. See full report in KRIS bibliography. These data were collected by Mitchell Katzel and Oona McKnight for the Sonoma Ecology Center.

 50 rows of a possible 319 have been displayed.
Sonoma CreekAdobe CanyonA14.720.41.714.69317
Sonoma CreekAdobe CanyonA25.6164.51.4141.338.92150
Sonoma CreekAdobe CanyonA34.873.21.736.315264
Bear CreekBear CreekB1442.91.525.712.6232
Bear CreekBear CreekB24.661.41.63314.4244
Bear CreekBear CreekB3660.41.630.816.3345
Bear CreekBear CreekB46.738.21.723.914.1430
Sonoma CreekKenwoodC110.776.8351.423.9662
Sonoma CreekKenwoodC28.659.12.140.521.6461
Sonoma CreekKenwoodC35135.61.454.621.2270
Graham CreekGraham CreekD19115.22.395.939.84107
Graham CreekGraham CreekD26.9116.82.210039.53109
Graham CreekGraham CreekD36.7164.52141.349.83154
Sonoma CreekJack London VillageE112.598.53.659.133.1680
Sonoma CreekJack London VillageE25.465.51.351.315358
Sonoma CreekJack London VillageE37.884.7266.725.2475
Sonoma CreekJack London VillageE413.897.73.662.333880
Calabzas CreekCalabzas CreekF13.561.71.330.112.3245
Calabzas CreekCalabzas CreekF27.351.82.439.822.4444
Calabzas CreekCalabzas CreekF310.197.33.557.728.8676
Carriger CreekCarriger CreekG112.1144.14.378.836.37127
Carriger CreekCarriger CreekG25.196.51.755.525.9375
Carriger CreekCarriger CreekG310.9139.34.16128.9790
Sonoma CreekSonomaH17.248.72.332.418440
Sonoma CreekSonomaH29.656.62.54525550
Sonoma CreekSonomaH39.162.8343.822553

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