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KRIS E. Marin Sonoma: Chart Table Page

Area Sonoma Creek
Topic Sediment: Fine Sediment <1mm for Sonoma Creek and Tributaries 1998

Caption:  The Chart Table sec_spawning_gravel_table4.dbf contains data on the percent fines less than 1mm and less than 3mm for 8 locations in Sonoma Creek and its tributaries in 2000. Data entries represent percentage by dry weight of total bulk sample materials. See full report in KRIS bibliography. These data were collected by Mitchell Katzel and Oona McKnight for the Sonoma Ecology Center.

 50 rows of a possible 319 have been displayed.
Sonoma CreekAdobe CanyonA1716
Sonoma CreekAdobe CanyonA2718
Sonoma CreekAdobe CanyonA3518
Bear CreekBear CreekB1721
Bear CreekBear CreekB2619
Bear CreekBear CreekB3716
Bear CreekBear CreekB4715
Sonoma CreekKenwoodC1410
Sonoma CreekKenwoodC2513
Sonoma CreekKenwoodC3719
Graham CreekGraham CreekD1313
Graham CreekGraham CreekD2316
Graham CreekGraham CreekD3316
Sonoma CreekJack London VillagE139
Sonoma CreekJack London VillagE2916
Sonoma CreekJack London VillagE3615
Sonoma CreekJack London VillagE459
Calabzas CreekCalabzas CreekF1723
Calabzas CreekCalabzas CreekF2314
Calabzas CreekCalabzas CreekF319
Carriger CreekCarriger CreekG117
Carriger CreekCarriger CreekG2516
Carriger CreekCarriger CreekG317
Sonoma CreekSonomaH1514
Sonoma CreekSonomaH2313
Sonoma CreekSonomaH3111

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