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KRIS Big River: Chart Page

The chart on this page can not be modified, as it can in the CD version of the KRIS database. Data can be downloaded (see bottom of page).

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Fines <5.6 mm by GMA, 2001
Caption:  This chart shows percent fines <5.6 mm from McNeil samples by Matthews and Associates at ten Big River sites. Matthews and Associates collected and processed the bulk gravel samples in 2001 using dry-gravimetric/gravimetric methods. The reference value shown as a target (26%), which is appropriate for dry-sieve results and percent fines <6.4mm, indicates that fine sediment may be a problem for salmonids in Two Log Creek, the Little North Fork, Chamberlain Creek, Daugherty Creek, the East Branch of the North Fork Big River, and the South Fork Big River. The reference value comes from an adjustment based on methods of Shirazi and Seim (1979) and the EPA TMDL threshold (30%). Matthews did not use a 6.4mm sieve, so fines less than 5.6 mm are charted. Samples did not include the surface layer. Click Info Links for more information.

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