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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic Sediment: Fines <0.85 mm by GMA, 2001

Caption:  This chart table, GMA_McNeil.dbf, contains cumulative percent fines less than each size class and the total dry weight of the combined samples (in kilograms). At each site, 2 bulk sediment samples were collected along a cross-section, combined and dried. This sample data is for subsurface material ONLY. The surface layer material is not included. Assuming that the surface material is primarily larger particles, this could skew the data to the smaller size classes. The SITE column includes site location used by Graham Matthews & Associates. See the Source Table for the full site names. All sampling was conducted in 2001. LT refers to "less than" (e.g. LT_256 = cumulative percent less than 256 mm). Data provided by Graham Matthews & Associates. See Info Links for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 12530 have been displayed.
Big ab. Two Log CreekBig ab Two LogMiddle1&2118.8610010010010098.4790.8381.9270.0256.9844.9535.1127.4121.9517.3114.2412.2310.8710.317.640.970.20.050
Big bl. LNF Big RiverBig bl LNFLower1&284.5210010010010010098.6393.6384.671.357.1344.5934.9128.8523.8820.3317.4215.3614.5411.622.620.280.070
Big bl. SF Big RiverBig bl SFMiddle1&246.4510010010094.9489.1879.0570.5160.1249.6439.230.4523.9519.9416.5413.9511.589.758.915.40.810.140.060
Chamberlain Cr. ab. NF BigChamberlain ab NFNF Big1&2109.110010010097.7592.6485.1577.3669.3560.0449.7440.0532.0126.4221.3717.2213.5710.218.84.681.010.210.080
Daugherty Cr ab. SF BigDaugherty ab SFSF Big1&292.9410093.2293.2276.5969.8163.3356.5749.9744.1638.3732.4926.652217.3913.9211.169.228.395.321.130.240.090
East Fork North Fork BigEF of NF BigNF Big1&290.5810010010089.1285.8178.3868.1459.2351.5544.7738.4532.4227.3722.3918.3914.7811.9710.786.51.310.260.10
NF Big ab. Big RiverNF Big ab BigNF Big1&290.9710010010010097.391.3178.6864.851.0839.6430.7124.0219.3215.0511.919.357.536.824.21.170.370.070
NF Big ab. Chamberlain Cr.NF Big ab ChambNF Big1&211210010010099.1796.8687.2976.7868.6261.4253.6645.8138.3532.4826.421.0416.0511.9810.345.330.960.190.060
NF Big Ab. James Cr.NF Big ab JamesNF Big1&247.6210010010097.5185.8169.3350.4837.8628.8122.3617.7313.5210.257.355.424.183.553.342.630.960.220.080
SF Big ab. BigSF Big ab BigSF Big1&272.6610010010010095.3589.4480.9971.1562.2352.7944.4836.9131.125.9121.9518.4914.4912.384.810.730.210.090
SF Big ab. Daugherty Cr.SF Big ab DaughSF Big1&2107.9210010010010093.893.4586.476.7566.6957.4848.2839.9732.5727.1121.7717.5414.111.3110.166.351.520.290.1

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