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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Basinwide/Regional
Topic WQ: pH at Various Sites, 2001 (SWAMP)

Caption:  PRESS F7 TO VIEW NOTES ON CHART TABLE This chart table contains pH data available from recent water quality sampling in the Big River watershed done through the Regional Water Board's SWAMP program. Note that the field titled "Pcode", or Parameter Code, contains the codes for the water quality parameters shown in the adjacent column titled "Parameter". The fields that contain water quality data have coded headings such as "P1", which is the column that contains data on "Boron (ug/l)", and so forth. The SWAMP data provided in this Chart Table is available from the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. See the Source Table for results on all of the analyses tested for. Chart Table file name: WQ_swampChart.dbf

 50 rows of a possible 186 have been displayed.
SFBIGD5/9/011600pH (pH units)15--------------8.36----------------
SFBIGD6/28/011245pH (pH units)15--------------8.3----------------
BIGHW205/10/011340pH (pH units)15--------------8.3----------------
BIGHW2O6/28/011600pH (pH units)15--------------8.46----------------
BIGMWD5/10/011500pH (pH units)15--------------8----------------
BIGMWD6/28/011500pH (pH units)15--------------8----------------

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