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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Caspar Creek
Topic Sediment: V* from Caspar Cr and nearby streams, 1993

Caption:  Chart table values from Knopp (1993). V* is in decimal percent. A V* of 0.5 means half of the pool is filled with fine sediment. Field definitions are as follows (for best viewing, use the "F7" key): REACH = Reach number established by Knopp (1993) LONG_NAME = self explanatory SHORT_NAME = self explanatory HUC = Hydrologic Unit Code number COUNTY = self explanatory VSTAR = the percent of fine sediment in the residual pool V*-1 = the percent of water in the residual pool RASI = Riffle Armor Stability Index (see Knopp (1993) for more information) D50 = the diameter (mm) of the 50th percentile particle from a 200 pebble count PNUM = the number of pools in a 1000m survey reach PFREQ = the total length (in meters) of pools in a 1000m reach ACRES = self explanatory

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
4Casper Cr SF above weirSF Casper Upper19930.610.39
7Casper Cr SF below weirSF Casper Lower19930.310.69
10Bunker GulchBunker Gulch19930.50.5
39Navarro River, N.Br. ofNB NF Navarro R19930.610.39
40Pudding CreekPudding Creek19930.690.31
42Kass CreekKass Creek19930.710.29
43Big Salmon CreekBig Salmon Creek19930.650.35
44Churchman CreekChurchman Creek19930.860.14

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