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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Caspar Creek
Topic Sediment: V* from SF Caspar above the weir, 1992-2000

Caption:  V* data from Redwood Sciences Lab, USFS. Key: AFV = mean fine sediment volume (m^3) in the residual pool, all pools AWV = mean water volume (m^3) in the residual pool ASV = mean scoured pool volume (fines volume + water volume) (m^3) V* = ratio of fine sediment volume to scoured pool volume se = standard error of the reach mean estimate of V* FINES_VOL = total pool fine sediment volume (m^3) in the reach WATER_VOL = total pool water volume (m^3) in the reach npools = number of measured pools in the reach skip = number of unmeasured pools (either ponded behind dams, so res. pool was undefined, or under such thick jams that we couldn't measure them)

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19920.852.443.290.260.740.0317.8751.23210
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19931.072.883.950.270.730.0425.6469.06250
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19940.842.523.360.250.750.0321.1562.01240
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19950.883.334.210.210.790.0420.2276.61230
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19960.332.352.680.120.880.027.9256.39241
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19970.472.152.610.180.820.0213.9764.46300
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19980.312.122.430.130.870.028.2957.36270
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr19990.552.673.220.170.830.0312.0458.76221
SOUTH Fork Caspar Cr20000.482.512.990.160.840.0210.6255.14221

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