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KRIS Big River: Picture Page

Area Caspar Creek
Topic USFS VegTypes: Casper Cr CalWater 1994

mtchhrcsp_sm.jpg 124K  Click on image to enlarge (124K).  Click here to display a larger version (428K).

The image above shows USFS vegetation stand types for the Caspar Creek Calwater planning watershed based on a 1994 Landsat image. The stand types are only accurate at the one-hectare scale. Large patches of upper North Fork Caspar Creek show as Non-Forest and Saplings (<5" diameter trees) as a result of recent clear cuts. Medium-Large Trees (20-29.9") occur in large patches along the South Fork and north side of lower Caspar Creek. Patches of young forest show as Small and Small/Medium trees. See Info Links for more information. Taken from the KRIS Big River Map project.

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