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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area Lower Big River
Topic Habitat: Wood Volume in Some Streams in Mendocino County, 1992

Caption:  Chart table values from Knopp (1993). Wood volume is in cubic meters. Field definitions are as follows (for best viewing, use the "F7" key): REACH = Reach number established by Knopp (1993) NAME = self explanatory COUNTY = self explanatory HUC = Hydrologic Unit Code number CATEGORY = disturbance category, Index Yes or No refer to historic management ACRES = self explanatory SLOPE = study reach slope in percent RASI = Riffle Armor Stability Index (see Knopp (1993) for more information) D50 = the diameter (mm) of the 50th percentile particle from three 200 pebble counts VSTAR = the proportion (%) of fine sediment in the residual pool WATER = the proportion (%) of water in the residual pool PNUM = the number of pools in a 1000m survey reach PFREQ = the total length (in meters) of pools in a 1000m reach COVVOL = wood cover divided by wood volume in percent WDCOV = the area (m^2) of wood cover in the 1000m reach WDSUBST = the area (m^2) of substrate change caused by wood in the 1000m reach WDVOL = = the volume (m^3) of wood cover in the 1000m reach S/V = substrate change divided by wood volume SEDEQL, SED123 = rapid sediment budget values from different algorithms See Info Links for more information. Data provided by the North Coast Region Water Board.

 50 rows of a possible 60 have been displayed.
37Little Juan CreekMendocino13.12Moderate11203.6793356.643.471330.638952320.022086054283
41Ten Mile , SFMendocino13.13High102690.9715226.973.135614.6184-1090129392320666
7Caspar Cr., SF below weirMendocino13.2Moderate10962.4703721.778.344473.8220128751.71791515829
9Berry CreekMendocino13.2High16431.6722937.562.542519.72633771582.38186655378244
13Brandon GulchMendocino13.2High9261.1663618.181.926219.31771401271.1494910517
10Bunker GulchMendocino13.2High6632.9822640.959.160-2221431281.1295386222875
5Caspar Cr., N.F. above weirMendocino13.2Moderate9312.3573340.459.686455.54883771812.09651916904
6Caspar Cr., N.F. below weirMendocino13.2Index No20151.4515226.673.460502.93522662501.06145037280731
40Pudding CreekMendocino13.2High64910.6902475.224.885644.5267116482.41133898328523
4Caspar Cr., SF above weirMendocino13.2Moderate8032.4702754.845.250149.43064291303.318986052224960
42Kass CreekMendocino13.2High14372.1723760.439.654413.211615780.1998565178934
14Parlin CreekMendocino13.2Moderate27821.3703730.869.244410.4262101811.251136227390
12Noyo R., N.F. of S.F.Mendocino13.2Moderate40700.8683634.665.4354525102551481.7365906119621
44Churchman CreekMendocino13.2High27911.7912873.426.683635.31931871261.484206458887
11Hare CreekMendocino13.2Moderate11171.7872937.262.8494921841001640.611380036478
2Russian GulchMendocino13.3Index Yes20082.8694132.767.346490.42226334101.5593941193109
43Big Salmon CreekMendocino13.4High50860.397187723458481741982690.74319436704574
3Little RiverMendocino13.4Index Yes19720.9544822.477.658530.696143463.1100
39Navarro River, N.Br. of NFMendocino13.5Moderate63570.5794258.441.635500.510006008182971709272
38Greenwood CreekMendocino13.62Moderate37921.3843748.751.344659.1262711040.69146160314244
47Garcia River, N.F.Mendocino13.7High46052.3795540.259.829524.5398-3510342976674731
46Grasshopper CreekMendocino13.83High12262.4883759.140.965454.38948461.05185238301644
45Fuller CreekMendocino13.84High28323.4804336.663.435491.37429420.76739501348866

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