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KRIS Big River: Meta Information Page

This page contains detailed information about a data set in KRIS, including where the original data reside and how to contact the sources for the data. Data sets are linked to the appropriate page by means of the Meta Identifier. Many data sets can be linked to same page by sharing the same Meta Identifier.

Meta IdentifierJDSFtemp
Type of DataWater temperature collected using automated data probes from 24 locations
OriginatorJackson Demonstration State Forest
DescriptionData in 1.2 and 1.6 hour intervals provided by Forest Sciences Project after trimming and validation
AreaSF Noyo, North Fork Big River, and Lower Big River, Hare Creek and Coastal Tribs
Metadata Date7/26/02
Metadata ContactGary Reedy
Contact Person PrimaryMarc Jameson
Receipt LogReceived from Forest Science Project in 2000, as permitted by JDSF
Access ConstraintsNone
Data Set Namefsp_fwa.db, fsp_mma.db, fsp_temp.dbf, jdsf_tempraw.dbf, jdsf_tempsum.db, jsf_fwa.db, jsf_mma.db, jsf_temp.dbf
Maint. and Update Freq.annual?
PurposeTo monitor stream temperature responses to JDSF land management activities.
Data Quality InformationData quality is high. Sets apparently trimmed of most aberrant readings (i.e. exposure to air) by FSP staff.
Supplemental InformationAdditional information may be obtained from David Lamphere of the Forest Science Project, Arcata, CA. (707)825-7350, dwl7001@humboldt.edu1.
Keywordswater temperature
PublisherJackson Demonstration State Forest
Publication PlaceFt Bragg
TitleStream Temperature Data. See also FSP Regional Stream Temperature Assessment Report
Storage LocationCalpella
Contact OrganizationJackson Demonstration State Forest
Contact Address802 North Main St
Contact CityFt Bragg
Contact StateCA
Contact Voice Telephone707 964-5674