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KRIS Big River: Meta Information Page

This page contains detailed information about a data set in KRIS, including where the original data reside and how to contact the sources for the data. Data sets are linked to the appropriate page by means of the Meta Identifier. Many data sets can be linked to same page by sharing the same Meta Identifier.

Meta IdentifierGMA
Type of DataSediment sources, sediment production, preliminary sediment budget, stream flow
OriginatorGraham Matthews and Associates
DescriptionSediment source analysis and preliminary sediment budget for the Big River watershed
AreaBig River Watershed
Metadata Date3/26/02
Metadata ContactBrian Woolsey
Contact Person PrimaryGraham Matthews
Access ConstraintsNone
Data Set Nameflow_annual_matthews.dbf, harvest_matthews.dbf, harvest_matthews_headwaters.dbf, harvest_matthews_lowermiddle.dbf, harvest_matthews_nf.dbf, harvest_matthews_sf.dbf, road_construct_period_lbsub.dbf, road_construct_period_lrgsubs.dbf, road_density_allsubs.dbf, road_matthews_loc_type_ln.dbf, roads_const_period_nf.dbf, roads_const_period_ub.dbf, roads_construct_period_allsubs.dbf, roads_construct_period_dc.dbf, roads_construct_period_sf.dbf, roads_matt_lnf_conperiod.dbf, roads_type_location_allsubs.dbf, roads_type_location_dc.dbf, roads_type_location_nf.dbf, roads_type_location_sf.dbf, roads_type_location_ub.dbf, sediment_channel_erosion.dbf, sediment_channel_erosion_nf.dbf, sediment_channel_erosion_sf.dbf, sediment_channel_erosion_ub.dbf, sediment_harvest_surferosion_nf.dbf, sediment_harvest_surferosion_rates_ln.dbf, sediment_road_surferosion_rates_all.dbf, sediment_road_surferosion_rates_ln.dbf, sediment_road_surferosion_sf.dbf, sediment_roads_erosion_dc.dbf, sediment_roads_surferosion_nf.dbf, sediment_roads_surferosion_ub.dbf, sediment_surf_harvest_period.dbf, sediment_surf_harvest_period_all.dbf, sediment_surf_harvest_period_sf.dbf, sediment_suspended_bedload.dbf, slide_type_byperiod.dbf, slides_debris_landuse_allsubs.dbf, slides_matt_landuse_sf.dbf, slides_matt_type_allsubs.dbf, slides_matthews_period_ln.dbf, slides_matthews_type_ln.dbf, slides_matthews_vol_landuse_ln.dbf, slides_matthews_vol_tons_ln.dbf, slides_period_allsubs.dbf, slides_period_nf.dbf, slides_period_sf.dbf, slides_period_ub.dbf, slides_torrents_landuse_allsubs.dbf, slides_type_lbsubs.dbf, slides_type_nf.dbf, slides_type_ub.dbf, slides_vol_ton_landuse_nf.dbf, slides_vol_tons_landuse.dbf, slides_vol_tons_landuse_allsubs.dbf, slides_vol_tons_landuse_lbsubs.dbf, slides_vol_tons_period_allsubs.dbf, slides_vol_tons_period_lbsubs.dbf, slides_vol_tons_period_nf.dbf, slides_vol_tons_period_ub.dbf, slides_voltons_landuse_dc.dbf, slides_voltons_landuse_sf.dbf, slides_voltons_landuse_ub.dbf, slides_voltons_period_dc.dbf, slides_voltons_period_sf.dbf
PurposeTo compile, summarize, and analyze sediment production data for the Big River watershed that could be used for TMDL development. The sediment production data is then integrated with other geomorphic information to develop a preliminary sediment budget for the Big River watershed.
Data Quality InformationData is high quality, primarily based on analysis of aerial photographs and analysis of GIS coverages, with limited field reconnaissance surveys.
Use ConstraintsThe report is a reconnaissance-level sediment source analysis. Aerial photograph landslide analysis likely underestimates the role of mass wasting in sediment delivery. Lack of precise road information required use of previous published factors.
Supplemental InformationStream flow and sediment transport data collection occurred during the study period and was used in calibration and verification of regional datasets during the development of sediment transport records. Depth-integrated turbidity and suspended sediment sampling was performed at most sample sites. Landslide mapping of the watershed was accomplished by review of sequential years of vertical stereoscopic aerial photographs. The methodology was modified from Washington TFW protocols, CDMG landslide mapping methods, and nomenclature put forth by Cruden and Varnes (1998). The earliest aerial photo coverage available (1936) covered only the western half of the watershed, with most areas above the confluence of the North Fork Big River lacking. Analysis and document subcontracted from Tetratech for EPA
Keywordssediment, TMDL, roads, landslides, erosion
PublisherGraham Matthews, John Coyle and Jeff Anderson
Publication PlaceWeaverville, CA
Publication DateJuly 2001
TitleSediment Source Analysis for the Big River Watershed, Mendocino County, CA
Contact OrganizationGraham Matthews and Associates
Contact AddressP.O. Box 1516
Contact CityWeaverville
Contact StateCA
Contact Zip Code96093
Contact Voice Telephone707 576-2830