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KRIS Big River: Chart Table Page

Area North Fork Big River
Topic Habitat: Maximum Pool Depth for All NF Big River Streams

Caption:  The Chart Table DFG_NF_PDPTH.dbf is a filtered version of DFG_BIG_HAB.dbf and contains summary data from stream surveys in the North Fork Big River conducted by the California Department of Fish and Game and Georgia Pacific from 1996 to 1998. The date of survey is listed under DATE, in mmyy format. Not all selected habitat attributes were available for inclusion due to inconsistent reporting and unavailable records. Where biological inventory results were reported, the column EFISH_SAMPL = number of samples, and the species columns to follow contain pooled catch. For full details on methods, see California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual (CDFG, 1998) in the KRIS Bibliography. Field definitions are as follows (for best viewing, use 'F7'): DISTANCE TOTAL LENGTH SURVEYED (FT) DOM_CNTYP DOMINANT CHANNEL TYPE SEC_CNTYP SECONDARY CHANNEL TYPE PHBLRIF % RIFFLE BY LENGTH PHBLFLWTR % FLTWTR BY LENGTH PHBLPOOL % POOLS BY LENGTH PHBLDRY % DRY BY LENGTH EMBDD1 % PTAILS EMB LEVEL 1 EMBDD2 % PTAILS EMB LEVEL 2 EMBDD3 % PTAILS EMB LEVEL 3 EMBDD4 % PTAILS EMB LEVEL 4 EMBDD5 % PTAILS EMB LEVEL 5 MPDLT2 NO. POOLS <2FT MPD23 NO. POLS 2-3FT MPD34 NO. POOLS 3-4FT MPDGTE4 NO. POOLS >/= 4FT CAN_OPEN % CANOPY OPEN CAN_CONIF % CANOPY CONIFER CAN_DECI % CANOPY DECID. EFISHSAMPL NUMBER OF SAMPLES COHO COHO CAPTURED STHD_0 STEELHEAD AGE 0 OR NOT AGED STHD_1 STEELHEAD AGE 1 SCULPIN SCULPIN STKBK STICKLEBACK PGS PACIFIC GIANT SALAMANDER LMPR_AMM LAMPREY AMMOCYTE TAILD_FROG TAILED FROG YL_FROG YELLOW LEGGED FROG

 50 rows of a possible 12530 have been displayed.
CHAMBRLNDNF79725656F4-294327023405248988321827667----------NO RPT AVAILABLE3
EBNF_BIGNF69839034B4A4275319012102891235211243112650245-54-1-7--5NO YEAR CLASS FOR SH GIVEN, OR SPECIES OF SAL3
GULCH_16NF7974653F4A32250226744292195390069312-2---12---NO SAL SPECIES GIVEN3
JAMESNF109623326F3-28442801823332061447423113338293-39-4-3---NO YEAR CLASS FOR SH3
LOSTNF7974898G4-32323511525235333071178671-3-1-2---NO YEAR CLASS FOR SH,3
NF_BIGNF89763250F4-2138400154930054512510449336072-18--2----ALSO FOUND 1 POND TURTLE, NO YEAR CLASS ON SH3
NF_JAMESNF7971304F4-28442801823332061447423113338291-7-1-----NO YEAR CLASS3
WATERNF7979713B4E485239010332010288630916904214-------NO YEAR CLASS3
W_CHAMBERNF79718363F4A416543001533645217460311371162-7-1-30---NO SH YEAR CLASS OR SPECIES FOR SAL3

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