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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Page

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Topic Sediment: 1994 McNeil Particle Size Distribution Inman/Redwood
Caption:  This chart represents the average of McNeil samples using the wet-sieve method of analysis at two stations each in Inman Creek and Redwood Creek. The data were collected in 1994 by Charlotte Morrison for Coastal Forest Lands (Inman Creek) and the Maillard Ranch (Redwood Creek, tributary of Mill Creek). Results show size classes in millimeters. While fines less than 0.85 mm were near the 14% TMDL reference on Inman Creek, they exceeded the reference by a considerable margin at both Redwood Creek sites. Fines less than 6.4 mm are known to intrude into stream gravels and block emergence. Morrison used a 4.0 mm sieve for this sand/fine gravel threshold and, therefore, under-estimated this potentially harmful fraction. See InfoLinks for more information.

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