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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Habitat: Large Woody Debris Volumes in Garcia R. Watershed, 1999

Caption:  The chart table "wood_gar_barber_1999.db" shows summary stats from large woody debris (LWD) surveys in 12 streams in the Garcia River watershed surveyed during the spring 1999. Four sites were sampled on each creek; in this chart all four are summed together. Data were collected by O'Connor Environmental for the Garcia River Instream Monitoring Report (Maahs and Barber, 2001). See InfoLinks for more information. A key to column headings: Shortname = Short name of creek for chart labeling, Stream Name = Name of surveyed stream, Stream Number = Number code in GRIMP report, Tot_Num_LWD_Pieces = Total Number of LWD Pieces, Length_m = Length of surveyed reach in meters, Length_bfwu = Length of surveyed reach in bankfull width units, Area_ha = Area of surveyed reach in hectares, Tot_LWD_piece_per_bfw = Total LWD (pieces/bankfull width), Tot_LWD_piece_per_ha = Total LWD (pieces/ha), Tot_LWD_m3_per_ha = Total LWD (cubic meters/ha), Tot_LWD_m3_per_km = Total LWD (cubic meters/km), 2nd_Growth_Percntl = 2nd Growth Percentile of Load, Median_LWD_Diam_m = Median LWD Diameter in meter, Avg_LWD_Diam_m = Average LWD Diameter in meters, Upstream_Order = The order tributaries occur along the mainstem Garcia River. 1 is the lowest tributary.

 50 rows of a possible 1605 have been displayed.
AllenAllen Creek7661738.1130.328.136206.012112.245208.092470.220.321
NF GarciaNorth Fork of the Garcia River327030410.1930.89826.489300.661196.771581.25820.250.392
LeeLee Creek2204273240.3058.5668.414553.047618.315830.30.373
Rolling BrookRolling Brook1213436521.2210.6326.315211.911335.073580.822820.220.384
SF GarciaSouth Fork of the Garcia River929336833.8390.3998.659735.073542.8588.043820.340.395
FlemingFleming Creek1124539641.8490.3745.854654.686740.544699.495880.310.446
InmanInman Creek85542627.7070.6621.98583.065332.684517.136770.390.737
Blue WaterholeBlue Waterhole Creek1014840826.7980.6245.523237.229212.929325.49630.310.48
WhitlowWhitlow Creek15827824.440.3132.373185.12669.42978.237140.270.39
H/G's CabinHoraceís/Grantís Cabin Creek65740253.960.2991.056190.591158.759118.159220.240.3310
PardaloePardaloe Creek54758333.9451.0041.38546.79942.81673.756130.320.411
MillMill Creek44636627.9390.4771.64695.941178.565232.514510.310.4412
Mean of allMean of all 12 streams-135.2536227.8340.5266.493301.292289.638385.109590.290.41-

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