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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Sediment: 1999 Percent Fines <0.85 mm - Garcia Tribs, McBain&Trush

Caption:  This Chart Table, sed_mcbain_perm_f085_tribs.dbf, was created from the Source Table, permeability_fines_mcb&t.dbf, and contains permeability and salmonid egg survival data from McBain and Trush (2000). TRIBUTARY = study tributary PERM_SITE# = permeability at site # in the study tributary PERM_AVE = mean permeability of all sites in the study tributary PERMCI95L = permeability 95% confidence interval lower limit PERMCI95U = permeability 95% confidence interval upper limit PSRVL_AVE = mean permeability based percent salmonid egg survival PSRVLCIL = permeability based (95% CI lower limit) percent salmonid egg survival PSRVLCIU = permeability based (95% CI upper limit) percent salmonid egg survival

 50 rows of a possible 77 have been displayed.
Blue Water5002182518250.0840.030.03
South Fork3312168516850.1080.0410.041
North Fork25158168160.0750.0530.053

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