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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Sediment: Annual Mass Wasting Sediment Delivery Rates 1952-1997

Caption:  The Chart Table sediment_sources_masswasting.dbf is derived from PWA (1997) Table 9. Click on InfoLinks for more information. RAPID_LS = volume of delivered shallow rapid landslides (tons) OTHER_LS = volume of other delivered landslides (tons) IGORGE = volume of delivered inner gorge landslides (tons) TOTAL_SED = total delivered sediment from landslides (tons) SED_RATE = annual sediment delivery rate (tons/sq mi/yr) based on 39 years PERCENT_RL = delivered shallow rapid landslides percent of total PERCENT_OL = other delivered landslides percent of total PERCENT_IG = delivered inner gorge landslides of total

 50 rows of a possible 130 have been displayed.
Hathaway Cr0010330010330021000100
NF Garcia1170002880013610028190043541.510.248.3
Rolling Brook606004512010500021072042128.821.449.8
SF Garcia3240065280731001707804911938.242.8
Victoria Fork44100619206470017072055425.836.337.9
E. Eureka Hill53850181204540011737054345.915.438.7
N. Gualala Mtn41250450003440012065073634.237.328.5
Little Penney24600691205210014582058816.947.435.7
Inman Cr20400106807220010328030019.810.369.9
Signal Cr1215013080521007733031215.716.967.4
Lamour Cr52200614408570019934048926.230.843
Pardaloe Cr825001378001460502235.6094.4

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