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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Temperature: All Garcia Basin Sites, MWAT by Year 1994-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table temp_gar_mwat_chart.dbf contains maximum floating weekly average temperatures by site and year for all temperature data available for the Garcia River Basin. MWAT is the maximum point on floating weekly average topics (FWA) for each individual site. Data provided by Friends of the Garcia River, Mendocino County Water Agency, Mendocino Redwood Company, and Coastal Forestlands. Source Tables include tempraw_gar_source.DBF and temp_gar_10mmaonlysites_source.dbf. Additional MWAT data are from MRC's 2001 Temperature Report. See InfoLinks for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 224188 have been displayed.
GAR_MNR-18.52-21.68----Garcia at Minor Hole
GAR_OZ16.6318.0117.6318.3519.36--17.28Garcia at Oz Hole
GAR_CON-18.1817.6418.1117.9317.0817.3317.54Garcia at Conner
GAR_BUC---19.118.6917.8315.76-Garcia at Buck Ridge
GAR_EHB-19.3118.7119.0618.7917.2718.1419.08Garcia at Eureka Hill Br
GAR_LOU17.5320.0219.1619.8919.1118.6718.8218.83Garcia at Louie Hole
GAR_ROL17.919.71-19.21-15.7718.3118.23Garcia at Rolling Brook
GAR_SFL-----19.1120.2219.04Garcia below the South Fork
GAR_SFU---19.5-20.15-19.75Garcia above the South Fork
GAR_HOT18.04-------Garcia at the Hot Springs
GAR_BWH-23.52-20.723.2422.8322.5922.86Garcia above Blue Water Hole Cr.
HAT_U1----14.42---Hathaway Creek
HAT_U2----14.3---Hathaway Creek
HAT_UWH---15.6415.13-13.84-Hathaway Creek
HAT_NF--13.66-----Hathaway Creek
HAT_S1--12.64-----Hathaway Creek
HAT_S2--13.46-----Hathaway Creek
OLSEN-14.2713.7115.9514.1-13.64-Olsen Gulch
NF_GAR----14.73---North Fork Garcia
HUTTON-14.2713.614.4213.6213.6513.7113.39Hutton Gulch
LEE_LWR13.4214.513.6614.7113.2913.8313.6614.41Lower Lee Creek
LEE_UPR-------12.8Upper Lee Creek
ROL_LF14.141514.1414.9714.2514.1214.314.04Rolling Brook
ROL_LM-15.1213.9414.72-14.4814.4114.21Rolling Brook
ROL_MID---14.36----Rolling Brook
ROL_UPR-------13.63Rolling Brook
MILL_LO-14.4413.4215.7113.8213.9213.6313.18Lower Mill Creek (Mid-Garcia)
SFGA_LM14.0115.29-14.18-15.7514.1914.7South Fork Garcia
SFGA_LF-15.213.46-----South Fork Garcia
SFGA_UP---14.1-13.77-12.9South Fork Garcia
FLEMING---14.1--13.1113.16Fleming Creek
INMN_CF20.4219.69------Inman Creek
BWH420.4120.9321.3220.720.92-20.9720.23Blue Water Hole Creek
BWH3-20.5221.2820.8620.5420.2120.8320.03Blue Water Hole Creek
BWH218.9520.5621.1619.8119.4218.2219.218.64Blue Water Hole Creek
BWH119.9620.1621.1420.1920.5520.1320.7319.65Blue Water Hole Creek
MIL_PAR---20.88----Mill Creek above Pardaloe Cr
MIL_MAL---15.351616.9615.81-Mill Creek on Maillard Ranch
PARD_LO---21.51----Lower Pardaloe Creek

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