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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Timber Harvest: Percent Harvested by Garcia Calwater 1987-2001

Caption:  The Chart Table thp_garcia_pct.dbf is derived from timber harvest plan maps provided by the California Department of Forestry. Data were derived in ArcInfo by summing individual areas for THPs approved in 1987-2001. TOTAL AREA = square meters in the Calwater, THP_AREA = the square meters under permitted timber harvests from 1987-2001. See InfoLinks for more information.

 50 rows of a possible 224188 have been displayed.
Mallo Pass CreekMallo Pass346023008504464.290.25
Lower Alder CreekLower Alder427401009740321.910.23
North Fork Alder CreekNF Alder343971002955989.170.09
Lower Brush CreekLower Brush310554007776560.930.25
Upper Brush CreekUpper Brush200223003073358.440.15
Lamour CreekLamour Cr264888005728306.40.22
Victoria ForkVictoria Fk199350008138067.160.41
Hathaway CreekHathaway307197008566559.820.28
North Fork Garcia RiverNF Garcia4198500050232850.611.2
Little PenneyL. Penney1606500012256944.730.76
Point Arena CreekPt. Arena Cr512172002940749.470.06
Pardaloe CreekPardaloe Cr4232250011453722.220.27
Rolling BrookRolling Broo3238470011071934.550.34
East of Eureka HillE Eureka Hil1385730012121629.880.87
Inman CreekInman Cr.2217960021563225.190.97
North of Gualala Mtn.N Gualala Mt1063440013306550.371.25
Signal CreekSignal Cr.1597230015201113.570.95
South Fork Garcia RivSF Garcia226530004879651.620.22
Roseman CreekRoseman Cr.29792700471850.120.02

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