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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Basin-wide/General
Topic Fish: Presence/Absence of Coho in Central Coast Region 1988-1999

Caption:  The Chart Table fish_cohopres_ncoast_dfg_88_02_sum.dbf is a summary of the Source Table fish_cohopres_norcoast_dfg_2002.dbf. It contains a summary of the presence/absence of coho salmon young-of-the-year in historic coho streams in northern portion of the California Department of Fish and Game's (CDFG) Central Coast Region for the years 1998-2002. Data were provided by CDFG. See InfoLinks for more information. Column headings begin with data type, followed by years. A Key to column headings: Geo_Region = A geographic region designated by KRIS staff, _8802 = 1988-2002, _8899 = 1988-1999, _0002 = 2000-2002, Num_Streams = Number of historical coho streams in CDFG database for each region, Num_All_ = Number of streams where coho were present in all years surveyed, Num_Some_ = Number of streams where coho were present in some years surveyed, Num_Never_ = Number of streams where coho were never present the years surveyed, Num_NoData_ = Number of streams that were not surveyed, Num_50Pct_Pres_ = Number of streams where coho were present in >=50% of the years surveyed.

 50 rows of a possible 373 have been displayed.
Eel River (Mendo Co. only)813322188453171033342716231541
North Mendocino Coast2331082738935541046
Central Mendocino Coast11337641027636431816584937101771
Southern Mendocino Coast549232022661526713171020722
Sonoma Coast27162004231663131943
Russian River4631428189824512123672
Western Marin24753910815109633128
Eastern Marin3003000030000030
SF Bay (excluding E. Marin)3003000030000030

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