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 You selected the area Basin-wide/General and the topic Fish: Presence/Absence of Coho in Central Coast Region 2000-2002  
This map shows a summary of the presence/absence of coho salmon young-of-the-year in streams in the north portion of the California Department of Fish and Game's (CDFG) Central Coast Region for the years 2000-2002. Coho populations are most persistent in the central Mendocino coast (Jackson Demonstration State Forest and adjacent coastal streams) and southwestern Marin County. This map contains data for all the streams listed as known historically to harbor coho salmon in a draft CDFG database, but there are likely other historical coho streams that are not included in that database. Absence data are provisional pending more extensive study, because coho may exist in some streams but only occur in some years or may have resided in other reaches of streams not surveyed. Some streams from the CDFG database are not included in this shapefile hydrography layers were not available (including the Eel River, the coast north of Wages Creek, and coastline adjacent to the Gualala River). This map/database groups data at the scale of entire streams, and differences in coho presence/absence between different reaches in the same stream are not shown. Because of this, some streams appear on this map to have coho above dams, where in reality they almost certainly do not.

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Pacific Ocean Unavailable
Coho Presence/Absence (CDFG)(1988-1999) coho_pres_abs.shp.txt
KRIS Garcia Project Background Unavailable
Jackson Demonstation State Forest jfown_2.shp.txt
Counties Unavailable
California Unavailable