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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Page

Area Coastal Tributaries South
Topic Climate: Annual Rainfall - Sail Rock Ranch, 1910-1998
Caption:  This chart shows annual rainfall accumulation at the Sail Rock Ranch rain gage (DWR # F80 7639 50) between 1910 and 1998, missing water years 1921-1960 and 1978-1982. This gage is just outside the South Fork Garcia basin to the west (see Map). Rainfall measurements are by water year (Oct 1- Sept 30). For the period of record, the minimum total rainfall accumulation occurred in 1977 (23.69 inches) and the maximum during 1972 (93.94 inches). The latter is shown by a dashed green line while the median rainfall is represented by a dashed red line (approximately 44 inches). Data are compiled by the California Department of Water Resources. See InfoLinks for more information.

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