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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Page

Area Coastal Tributaries South
Topic Fish: Juvenile Steelhead Length Schooner Gulch 1989
Caption:  This chart shows the length of the juvenile steelhead caught electrofishing in Schooner Gulch in fall 1989 by Ted Wooster of the California Department of Fish and Game. Fish ranged in length from 90 mm to over 200 mm. Yearling and older steelhead are generally those over 100 mm (4 inches) with two year old fish usually over 150 mm (6 inches). Size classes are shown in different colors: young of the year are blue, yearlings light blue, two year old steelhead in light green and those over 200 mm in dark green. The latter are either three year old steelhead or resident trout. The abundance of older age steelhead indicates that Schooner Gulch must have suitable winter rearing conditions and sufficient capacity during low flows to allow steelhead growth and survival. See InfoLinks for more information.

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