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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Page

Area Lower Garcia / Estuary
Topic Fish: 1968 Net Sampling Garcia River Above Highway 1/Eureka Hill, CDFG
Caption:  California Department of Fish and Game staff sampled the Garcia River at two sites on August 22-23, 1968 for a study related to whether suckers were increasing in number while steelhead were decreasing. German (CDFG, 1968) used a seine net instead of electrofishing, but sampled the same site above Highway 1 as Kimsey (1953). He also sampled at Eureka Hill Bridge. While steelhead were the most abundant species above Highway 1 site, suckers and stickleback both outnumbered them in the section below Eureka Hill Bridge. See InfoLinks for more discussion about methods and for a link to the original CDFG (1968) study.

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