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KRIS Garcia River: Meta Information Page

This page contains detailed information about a data set in KRIS, including where the original data reside and how to contact the sources for the data. Data sets are linked to the appropriate page by means of the Meta Identifier. Many data sets can be linked to same page by sharing the same Meta Identifier.

Meta IdentifierLeeBugs
Type of DataBenthic invertebrate samples
OriginatorPat Higgins
DescriptionBioassessment following spill upstream and downstream of bentonite spill
Metadata Date6/12/03
Metadata ContactPat Higgins
Contact Person PrimaryJohn Lee
Request LogCopying data back out of paper.
Access ConstraintsNone
Lead PersonPat Higgins
Data Set Namebugs_above_att.dbf, bugs_above_percent_att.dbf, bugs_below_att.dbf, bugs_below_pct_att.dbf
Date of Content Start7/14/94
Date of Content End7/14/94
Maint. and Update Freq.None
PurposeAssess damage to lower mainstem Garcia River and Mote Creek on behalf of the Friends of the Garcia River (FROG)
Data Quality InformationJohn Lee is a certified aquatic entomologist under the California RAPID Bioassessment program
Use ConstraintsNone
Supplemental InformationReport by Pat Higgins to FROG incorporated data and discussed its significance, including effects of loss of food items for older age juvenile salmonids.
ScaleTwo point locations
Keywordsaquatic macroinvertebrates, diversity, drilling mud spill
PublisherPat Higgins
Publication PlaceArcata
Publication DateJuly 1994
Issue Identificationspill effects
TitleAquatic Macroinvertebrate Assessment of the Garcia River and Moat Cr in Response to ATT Spill
Storage LocationArcata, CA
Contact OrganizationPat Higgins, Fish Biologist
Contact Address791 Eighth Street, Suite N
Contact CityArcata
Contact StateCA
Contact Zip Code95521
Contact Voice Telephone(707) 822-9428
Contact Fax822-5702