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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area Mill/Pardaloe Creeks
Topic Land Cover: USFS Veg Size in Riparian for Pardaloe Creek 1994

Caption:  The Chart Table veg_usfs_rip_garcia.dbf shows, for each Calwater Planning Watershed of the Garcia River basin, percentages of 90-meter riparian strips in various vegetation size classes. Column headers are Calwater name abbreviations. Vegetation is classified according to diameter at breast height (DBH): Very Large = 40-50" DBH, Large = 30-39.9" DBH, Medium/Large = 20-29.9" DBH, Small/Medium = 12-19.9" DBH, Small = 5-11.9" DBH, Non-Forest = No trees, shrubs, grass, bare soil. A Key to the other column headings (abbreviations for Calwater Planning Watersheds): MALL_PASS= Mallo Pass Creek, LWR_ALDER = Lower Alder Creek, NF_ALDR_CK= North Fork Alder Creek, LWR_BRUSH = Lower Brush Creek, UPR_BRUSH = Upper Brush Creek, LAMOUR_CK = Lamour Creek, VICTOR_FK = Victoria Fork, HATHAWAY = Hathaway Creek, NFK_GARCIA = North Fork Garcia River, LITTLE_PEN = Little Penney, PT_ARENA = Point Arena Creek, PARDALOE = Pardaloe Creek, ROLLING_BK = Rolling Brook, E_EUREKA_H = East of Eureka Hill, INMAN_CK = Inman Creek, N_GUAL_MTN = North of Gualala Mtn, SIGNAL_CK = Signal Creek, SF_GARCIA = South Fork Garcia River, ROSEMAN_CK = Roseman Creek.

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