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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area North Fork Garcia
Topic Fish: Dive Salmonid Count North Fork Garcia River 1991

Caption:  The Chart Table fish_dive_gar_barber_1999_chart.dbf is a summary of the Source Table fish_dive_gar_barber_1999_source.db and shows the species, age class, and number of fish, amphibians, and crawdads counted in on-bank and direct dive observations between September 5-20, 1991 on the mainstem Garcia River (GARCIA), North Fork Garcia River (NORTH_FORK), and Pardaloe Creek (PARDALOE). Data were collected for the Garcia River Watershed Enhancement Plan (Mendocino County RCD, 1992). See InfoLinks for more information. Key to SPECIES column: STEELHEAD 0+ = young of the year steelhead, STEELHEAD 1+ = yearling steelhead, STEELHEAD 2+ = two year old steelhead, STEELHEAD 3+ = two year old steelhead and resident trout, SUCKER = survey did not distinguish between sucker species, SCULPIN = survey did not distinguish between sculpin species, TURTLE = all types of turtles summed together, FROG = all types of frogs summed together, NEWT = all types of newts summed together, SALAMANDER = all types of salamander (except newts) summed together, CRAWDAD = survey did not distinguish between crawdad species.

 50 rows of a possible 375 have been displayed.
STEELHEAD 0+398111462301
STEELHEAD 1+4826123205
STEELHEAD 2+726528

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