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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Table Page

Area South Fork Garcia
Topic Sediment: Road-Related Erosion Potential Volume in SF Garcia 1998

Caption:  The Chart Table sed_road_sfgar_mrcpwatu_1998_chart.db shows the number of sites and future sediment yield from four categories of road-related potential erosion sites in the South Fork Garcia watershed, based on road survey data collected during 1998. Data were provided by Trout Unlimited and Pacific Watershed Associates (2002). See InfoLinks for more information. A key to column headings: Problem_Type = categories of problem types, Num_Sites = Number of sites in a problem category, Future_Yield_Treat = Amount sediment predicted to be delivered to a stream at sites recommended for treatment (calculated by multiplying total potential erosion by the probability of delivery to a stream) if no work was done.

 50 rows of a possible 149 have been displayed.
Stream crossing8131283
Ditch relief culvert353

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