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 You selected the area South Fork Garcia and the topic Sediment: SF Garcia ab Mainstem - Gravel Permeability, MRC 2000  
This is a map of Mendocino Redwoods Company (MRC) channel and sediment monitoring stations for the years 1998-2001 in the Middle Garcia sub-basin, overlaid on top of KRIS sub-basins and 1:24,000 scale streams.

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Project Frame Unavailable
Channel Sites (MRC)(1998-2001) channelsites.shp.txt
Sub-basins (w/ labels) subbasins.shp.txt
Streams (1:24k scale)(w/ labels) streams24.shp.txt
Topo Map (1:24k scale)(USGS) Unavailable
Grayscale Hillshade ((TIFF) grayscale_light.tif.txt
Project Background Unavailable