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KRIS Garcia River: Chart Page

Area Upper Garcia
Topic Temperature: Min, Max, Avg at Horace's/Grant's Cabin Creek, 1999
Caption:  This Chart shows the daily minimum, maximum, and average water temperature in Celsius (C) at the mouth of Horace's/Grant's Cabin Creek (site GRIMP6D) for the year 1999. Daily maximum and average water temperatures were mostly above the optimum range for juvenile salmonids during summer 2001, although night time (minimum) temperatures usually dipped back into the optimal range. Maximum temperatures sometimes exceeded 26 C, which was used as a lethal reference for salmonids by Sullivan et al. (2000). The reference value of 10-15.6C optimum temperature range for juvenile salmonid rearing is based on McCullough (1999). See InfoLinks for more information. Data are from the Garcia River Instream Monitoring Project (Maahs and Barber, 2001).

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