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Background Information About the Topics in KRIS

These pages are designed to supply basic information about fish, water quality and watershed dynamics to aid in understanding the contents of the KRIS projects. Policy and regulation are also addressed.  The background pages summarize literature on various subjects and provide links to key documents, either within the KRIS bibliography, or on the Internet.


Table of Contents for Background Pages

Stream Conditions: Water Quality Sediment Riparian Big Wood Habitat Types
Watershed Conditions: Vegetation Types Slope Stability Roads & Erosion Cumulative Impacts Urbanization
Fish & Aquatic Life: Fish Populations Amphibians Aquatic Insects Hatcheries Fish Disease
Restoration: Stream Clearance In-stream Structures Riparian Watershed Strategy
Geology / Hydrology: Geology Soils Precipitation Stream Flow Channel Processes
Policy & Regulation ESA TMDL Forest Rules 1603 Permits Water Rights