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KRIS Klamath : Chart Page

Area Lower Klamath/Basin-wide
Topic Fish: Basin-wide - Parasites - C. Shasta in Juvenile Salmonids in 2001
Caption:  The chart shows the percentage of juvenile salmonids sampled at 5 sites in the Klamath watershed in June and July of 2001 showing signs of infection by the parasite Ceratomyxosis shasta. The US Fish and Wildlife Service (2001) noted that Ceratomyxosis appeared to be the leading cause of mortality and sickness in the Klamath River and estuary during the summer of 2001. Most of fish sampled were Chinook salmon. A severity score of 1 indicates presence of parasite or mild inflammation without severe lesion. A score of 2 is associated with a severe lesion. Data were collected by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

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