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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Lower Klamath/Basin-wide
Topic Pesticides: Klamath/Trinity Basin-wide Amount Applied by Chemical 2001

Caption:  The Chart Table "pesticide_klamtrin_dpr_2001_lbs_chem25.dbf" was derived from the Source Table "pesticide_klamtrin_dpr_2001_lbs_chem46.dbf." It shows the amount of pesticide applied for the 25 most widely-used registered pesticides applied in Humboldt and Trinity county portions of the Klamath and Trinity basins during the year 2001. For a complete list of the 46 registered pesticides applied, see the Source Table. Data are from the California Pesticide Use Reporting Database, which was assembled by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. See Info Links for more information. A key to column headings: CHEMNAME = Chemical name of pesticide active ingredient, LBS_CHM_U = Total pounds of active ingredient applied, LBS_OTHR_U = Total pounds of other ingredients applied (solvents, surfactants, propellants, or other additions), LBS_PRD_U = Total pounds of product applied (LBS_CHM_U + LBS_OTHR_U).

 50 rows of a possible 24128 have been displayed.
2266Klamath-TrinityOLEIC ACID, METHYL ESTER3148.981349.564498.54
1855Klamath-TrinityGLYPHOSATE, ISOPROPYLAMINE SALT2835.754080.716916.46
2257Klamath-TrinityIMAZAPYR, ISOPROPYLAMINE SALT2760.974765.77526.67
2170Klamath-TrinityTRICLOPYR, BUTOXYETHYL ESTER1733.191080.432813.62
809Klamath-Trinity2,4-D, ISOOCTYL ESTER755.35109.88865.23
3929Klamath-TrinityUNDECYL POLYOXYETHYLENE (5 MOLES ETHYLENE OXIDE)674.783823.764498.54
1389Klamath-TrinityTALL OIL ACIDS674.783823.764498.54
1622Klamath-Trinity2,4-D, 2-ETHYLHEXYL ESTER308.62153.17461.79
2123Klamath-TrinityALKYL POLYOXY ALKYLENE ETHER308.56102.85411.41
1198Klamath-TrinityFREE FATTY ACIDS AND/OR AMINE SALTS61.71349.7411.41
473Klamath-TrinityPETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS42.77208.84251.61
90045Klamath-TrinityATRAZINE, OTHER RELATED20.182222.462242.64
2149Klamath-TrinitySULFOMETURON METHYL19.966.6626.62
151Klamath-TrinityCOPPER HYDROXIDE19.556.4526
3858Klamath-TrinityBACILLUS THURINGIENSIS (BERLINER)15.55227.45243
3841Klamath-TrinitySILICONE-POLYETHER COPOLYMER9.2409.24
2335Klamath-TrinitySOYBEAN OIL7.120.547.66
2131Klamath-TrinityTRICLOPYR, TRIETHYLAMINE SALT5.246.5711.81

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