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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Lower Klamath/Basin-wide
Topic Fish: Basin-wide - Parasites - Glochida in Juv. Salmonids in 2001

Caption:  The Chart Table fish_parasites_klam_usfws_2001.db contains data on parasitic infection of juvenile salmonids sampled at 5 sites in the Klamath watershed in June and July of 2001. Most fish sampled were Chinook salmon. Data were collected by the United State Fish and Wildlife Service (2001). Column headings begin with parasite type, followed by data type and severity score: Adip_lnfla = Inflammation of adipose tissue adjacent to the pyloric caeca, CShasta = Infection by Ceratomyxosis shasta, KD_Myxosp = Kidney myxosporean parasite, KD_Metac = Trematode metacercaria in the kidney, Gill_Metac = Metacercaria in the gill, Gill_Gloc = Glochida in the gill, Num = Number of fish examined for signs of a parasite, Pct = Percentage of fish sampled showing sign of a parasite, 1 = Severity score of 1 indicates presence of parasite or mild inflammation without severe lesion, 2 = Severity score of 2 is associated with a severe lesion.

Klamath at Estuary2221697342111226431422335143512241807501
Klamath at Pecwan Cr1244333320011055133923691300161106902
Klamath at Big Bar8313813141573612554242121810707003
Trinity at Willow Cr241144380000312060316192415463175

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