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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Lower Klamath/Basin-wide
Topic Pesticides: Klamath/Trinity Basin-wide Amount Applied/Sub-basin 2001

Caption:  The Chart Table "pesticide_klamtrin_dpr_2001_lbs_subbasin.dbf" was derived from the Source Table "pesticide_klamtrin_dpr_2001_source.db". It shows the amount registered pesticides applied in the Humboldt and Trinity county portions of the Klamath and Trinity basins during the year 2001, by sub-basin. Unfortunately, some U.S. Forest Service lands are not included in the database (see map). Sections that straddled multiple sub-basins were randomly placed in one of the sub-basins. Data are from the California Pesticide Use Reporting Database, which was assembled by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. See Info Links for more information. A key to column headings: SUBBASIN = KRIS sub-basin, LBS_CHM_U = Total pounds of active ingredient applied, LBS_OTHR_U = Total pounds of other ingredients applied (solvents, surfactants, propellants, or other additions), LBS_PRD_U = Total pounds of product applied (LBS_CHM_U + LBS_OTHR_U).

 50 rows of a possible 621 have been displayed.
Klamath-TrinityLower Klamath4089.205469952.68145863.47594
Klamath-TrinitySouth Fork Trinity2463.21763788.41981325.2022
Klamath-TrinityMiddle Klamath188.44117345.0294156.58823

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