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KRIS Klamath : Chart Source Table Page

Area Lower Trinity/Basin-wide
Topic Temperature: Floating Weekly Average Willow Creek @ 3 Locations 1998

Caption:  The Source Table LTRDTEMP95_00.DBF is comprised of data from the Lower Trinity Ranger District of the Six Rivers National Forest. It was imported into KRIS using the HoboImport program and edited for outliers, such as air temperatures as the automated probes were being installed and retrieved. NOTE: VALUES IN THIS SOURCE TABLE FOR 2000 data are NOT CORRECT. See HlTemp00.dbf for correct 2000 data. See Info Links for more on data collection. See the Chart Table caption for a key to locations.

 50 rows of a possible 168876 have been displayed.
CEDAR00 AT6/6/20001513.9957.18
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200015.413.9957.18
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200015.813.9957.18
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200016.213.9957.18
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200016.613.9957.18
CEDAR00 AT6/6/20001713.9957.18
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200017.413.9957.18
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200017.813.8456.91
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200018.213.8456.91
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200018.613.6956.64
CEDAR00 AT6/6/20001913.6956.64
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200019.413.6956.64
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200019.813.5356.35
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200020.213.5356.35
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200020.613.3856.08
CEDAR00 AT6/6/20002113.3856.08
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200021.413.3856.08
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200021.813.2355.81
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200022.213.0755.53
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200022.613.0755.53
CEDAR00 AT6/6/20002313.0755.53
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200023.412.9255.26
CEDAR00 AT6/6/200023.812.9255.26
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20000.212.7654.97
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20000.612.7654.97
CEDAR00 AT6/7/2000112.6154.7
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20001.412.6154.7
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20001.812.6154.7
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20002.212.4554.41
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20002.612.4554.41
CEDAR00 AT6/7/2000312.2954.12
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20003.412.2954.12
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20003.812.2954.12
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20004.212.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20004.612.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/2000512.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20005.412.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20005.811.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20006.211.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20006.611.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/2000711.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20007.411.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20007.811.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20008.211.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20008.611.9853.56
CEDAR00 AT6/7/2000912.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20009.412.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/20009.812.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/200010.212.1453.85
CEDAR00 AT6/7/200010.612.2954.12

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