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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Lower Trinity/Basin-wide
Topic Sediment: Lower Trinity - Sediment Inputs Percent 1981-2000

Caption:  This Chart Table, sed_budget_inputs_lower_trinity_gma_1981_2000.dbf, contains estimated sediment inputs into the Lower Trinity River Planning Watershed between 1981-2000. Sediment inputs were calculated as a part of Graham Matthews and Associates Trinity River Sediment Source Analysis (2001). All values are reported in tons, except for the sub-watershed area (AREA_SQMI), which is reported in square miles. Sediment input types are described by the column headers, including: NM_LS = non-management related landslides, TH_LS = harvest related landslides, RD_LS = road related landslides, BF_NM = non-management erosion from brush/forest areas (from sample plot data), LEG_RD = erosion related to legacy roads (from sample plot data), TH_OE = erosion related to timber harvest (from sample plot data), TH_SE = surface erosion from timber harvest areas, RD_CSE = road cutbank surface erosion, RD_TSE = road tread surface erosion, RD_OE = other road related surface erosion, LM_SLIDES = slides from legacy mining, LM_GULLY = gully erosion from legacy mining, CREEP = soil creep, BANK = bank erosion, EMR_ERO = total existing management related erosion, LMR_ERO = total legacy management related erosion, BACKGROUND = total existing non-management related erosion, TOTAL_INPUT = total sediment inputs (EMR_ERO+LMR_ERO+BACKGROUND).

 50 rows of a possible 70 have been displayed.
Campbell CreekLower Trinity6.11688360--134243173183135105313791176--366143435473317317097871718434
Coon CreekLower Trinity5.3---11560273215760304112021013--31533030-2732--
Hoopa ReservationLower Trinity11442164213628921312948025075959270341940567374104934895--68389144704146592485927088549315604012
Horse Linto CreekLower Trinity64.324664599163857260014138933419192800190881442011889--38561546027289153341927010103463344
Lower Trinity Mainstem AreaLower Trinity26.9---5922413998807617192630093957995--1615263777-13998--
Mill CreekLower Trinity21.938282272459049482021139365730555057985159--13146174793937411393461648512415
Supply CreekLower Trinity4.8-16884031486071050324821432651139917191432--2864274933240792482161163342677
Tish Tang CreekLower Trinity16.713442946079519997367628689501309411049874--10026118145739548689193031775674
Willow CreekLower Trinity43.11649981545116903409486222422129365095189561397511375--2587136183907188224223219141251524
Yurok ReservationLower Trinity0.2---321764402265148--881224-76--

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