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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Lower Trinity/Basin-wide
Topic Temperature: MWAT at Many Lower Trinity Sites, by Year 1990-1998

Caption:  The Chart Table "temp_mwat_lt_ifwm_93_98.dbf" was derived from the Source Table "tempraw_trin_ifwm_90_98.db". It contains maximum floating weekly average temperatures by site and year for all data in the Middle Trinity sub-basin for the years 1993-1998 from a temperature database provided by the Institute for Forest and Watershed Management at Humboldt State University. MWAT is the maximum point on floating weekly average topics (FWA) for each individual site. KRIS staff derived the Chart Table using KRIS, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. A key to column headings: FSP_SITEID = a Unique ID from the Forest Science Project (now known as the Institute for Forest and Watershed Management) Stream Temperature Database, ORIG_ID = Original Identifier as used by contributor (from FSP database), SHORTNAME = A label given to sites by KRIS staff (LWR = lower, Mid = middle, Upr = upper, numbers are in upstream order), STRMNAME = Name of stream (from FSP database), YRS_RECORD = The number of MWATs for a site, which is the number of years in which data were collected for the majority of the summer months, MWAT16PT8: Of the years in which data were collected, how often did MWAT exceed 16.8 C?, MWAT_AVG_C = The average MWAT at a site. Calculated as the sum of all MWAT_YY_C fields divided YRS_RECORD, MWAT_MAX_C = The maximum MWAT at a site. The highest MWAT in any year at a site, MWAT_YY_C (ie. MWAT_01_C) = MWAT calculated by KRIS staff for each year in degrees Celsius, UTMX = UTM coordinate in meters (from FSP database), UTMY = UTM coordinate in meters (from FSP database), UTMZ = Elevation in meters (from FSP database), STRMCLSS = Stream class (from FSP database), HUCID = HUC code (from FSP database), HUCNAME = HUC name (from FSP database), RBUASPW = ? (from FSP database), CALNAME = Calwater Planning Watershed (from FSP database), WAAREA = Watershed area (from FSP database), SUBBASIN = KRIS sub-basin.

 50 rows of a possible 197 have been displayed.
4055Trinity_Lwr1--1always22.6322.63--------22.63440809.284559271.0166118010209LOWER_KLAMATH-CA,OR110611034Bull Creek768340Lower Trinity
228Trinity_Lwr2M-F WILLOW CREEKTRINITY RIVER1always23.0723.07-------23.07-446347.564534051.82144.76118010211TRINITY110612021Brimer Creek705471Lower Trinity
213Trinity_Lwr3M-FRASIER TRINITY BTRINITY RIVER1always23.7423.74------23.74--446334.714534042.23144.91118010211TRINITY110612021Brimer Creek705471Lower Trinity
212Trinity_Lwr4M-FRASIER TRINITY ATRINITY RIVER1always23.8223.82------23.82--446277.534533945.41144.63118010211TRINITY110612021Brimer Creek705470Lower Trinity
4019Cambell_MidCAMBE-1never15.2515.25-------15.25-444839.74539883.78211.2518010211TRINITY110611025Hospital Creek1618Lower Trinity
4021Horse_Linto_LwrHLBRG-2always17.0717.09-------17.0517.09449031.194539322.08139.44518010211TRINITY110611013Lower Cedar Creek16515Lower Trinity
4020Cambell_UprCAMBAB-2never14.8915.29-----14.48-15.29-444734.634539710.91226.11518010211TRINITY110611025Hospital Creek1603Lower Trinity
4022Horse_Linto_MidHLCED-2always17.2717.35-------17.3517.18449284.014539433.88144.46518010211TRINITY110611013Lower Cedar Creek9713Lower Trinity
4024Horse_Linto_Upr--2never15.1215.15-------15.0815.15456628.654539332.19411.83518010211TRINITY110611020Horse Linto Creek5486Lower Trinity
4023CedarCEDAR-4never16.0916.38----16.3815.76-15.8816.33449312.574539393.85143.22518010211TRINITY110611013Lower Cedar Creek6752Lower Trinity
4052Coon_Mid1--1never16.1116.11--------16.114479394536751196.64518010211TRINITY110611012Coon Creek1260Lower Trinity
4054Coon_Mid2--1never15.9915.99--------15.994480224536744204.5518010211TRINITY110611012Coon Creek1248Lower Trinity
4026Willow_EF--2never15.1915.47-------14.9115.47440509.184528581.51479.1518010211TRINITY110612010East Fork Willow Creek3322Lower Trinity
4027Willow_Lwr--4always19.0219.56-----18.2719.5618.719.56446844.274532451.44142518010211TRINITY110612013Brannan Creek11338Lower Trinity
4025Willow_Upr--4never15.5416.26----15.5116.26-15.0315.34440491.344528678.9479.92518010211TRINITY110612012Summit Creek6037Lower Trinity

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