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KRIS Klamath : Chart Table Page

Area Lower Trinity/Basin-wide
Topic Wildfire: Historical Wildfires - Lower Trinity 1910-2000

Caption:  This Chart Table, fire_acres_lowertrinity_gma_1910_2000.dbf, contains historical wildfire burn area in acres by decade for Lower Trinity River sub-watersheds for the years of 1910-2000. Data also contains the total burn area by association, i.e. human (F_HUMAN), lighting (F_LIGHT), and unknown (F_UNKNOWN), for the total period of record. The dates in the column headers denote the starting date of the decade.

 50 rows of a possible 71 have been displayed.
Campbell CreekLower Trinity00243.93.41.3000.10.1248.848.70.1200
Coon CreekLower Trinity0100001.95046.463.31152.30
Hoopa ReservationLower Trinity492.50793.30.20.8115441.16018.94004.12014.90
Horse Linto CreekLower Trinity542.81.5271.878169.616.110256.229756.731102.81292.329810.40
Lower Trinity Mainstem AreaLower Trinity15.325.814.38.917.224.645.713.544.4209.7205.23.21.4
Mill CreekLower Trinity0272.
Supply CreekLower Trinity0000851.800.10.60852.5851.70.80
Tish Tang CreekLower Trinity009.
Willow CreekLower Trinity30130.119.11480.698.65.913312987.22882.9104.20
Yurok ReservationLower Trinity0000000000000

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