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KRIS Klamath : Map Page

Area Lower Trinity/Basin-wide
Topic Map: 1D. EPA Landcover/Landuse, Trinity Basin
This is a map of the EPA Landcover/Landuse in the Trinity basin, based on a 1992 Landsat TM satellite image. The majority of the basin is conifer forest (dark green) and mixed conifer forest (bright green), with significant areas of hardwoods, shrubs, and grasslands. Human populations numbers in the Trinity basin are small, and only a small fraction of the basin is urbanized (pink and purple). Agriculture is shown here in orange and exists mostly in flat land near rivers.

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Name of Layer in Map LegendMetadata File Name
Frame Project Outline Unavailable
EPA Landcover (1992 Aggregated) lndcov2.tif.txt
EPA Landcover (1992 Unaggregated) lndcov.tif.txt
Topographic Map (1:24k scale) trinity.sid.txt
Project Area Background trin_outl.shp.txt