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KRIS Klamath : Meta Information Page

This page contains detailed information about a data set in KRIS, including where the original data reside and how to contact the sources for the data. Data sets are linked to the appropriate page by means of the Meta Identifier. Many data sets can be linked to same page by sharing the same Meta Identifier.

Meta IdentifierSRMP_sh
Type of DataSteelhead Spawner Surveys in Trinity River tributaries
OriginatorSteelhead Research and Monitoring Program (SRAMP)
DescriptionSpawning surveys for winter-run steelhead conducted on tributaries of the South Fork and Middle Trinity River.
Area Middle Trinity, South Fork Trinity River and Hayfork Creek
Metadata Date2/1/2004
Metadata ContactErik Flickwir
Contact Person PrimaryPatrick Garrison, Biologist
Lead PersonPat Higgins
Lead OrganizationIFR
NotesHistoric data are from the Steelhead Spawning Surveys of the Upper Trinity River System in 1964 (D.A. LaFaunce) and in 1971 (D.W. Rogers).
Data Set Nameefish_nt_2001.dbf, efish_sf_2000_2002.dbf, efish_tt_2000_02.dbf, fish_redds_sf_trin_00.dbf, fish_sh_juv_efish_tt_2000.dbf, fish_sh_sf_efish_00.dbf, fish_steelhead_juv_sf_mid_compair.dbf, fish_steelhead_juv_sf_mid_trin_01.dbf, fish_steelhead_sf_mid_trin_00_01.dbf, fish_steelhead_sf_mid_trin_01_02.dbf, redds_sf_sh_2001_2002.dbf, redds_sh_sf_2000_02.dbf, redds_sh_tt_2000_01.dbf, redds_sh_tt_2001_02.dbf, sftrhab.dbf
PurposeThe current state of knowledge regarding steelhead spawning habitat is limited. Most prior spawner surveys within the KMP ESU concentrated on salmon and were therefore terminated prior to steelhead spawning. Prior surveys have been conducted on main-stem Trinity tributaries in 1964, 1971, 1972, and 1974 to monitor the effect of Lewiston Dam on steelhead populations. Most recently, steelhead spawning survey were conducted in South Fork Trinity River tributaries in 1989 - 1995 under the Departments Trinity River Project. Basin-wide estimates of steelhead abundance provide little information on steelhead spawning. Information regarding spawning habitat will help to assess this critical component of steelhead life history.
Data Quality InformationGood
KeywordsSteelhead, juveniles, redds, Trinity Basin
Publication PlaceArcata
Publication DateVarious
Issue IdentificationSteelhead trends
TitleNumerous Steelhead related reports by Garrison from 2000-2003
Storage LocationWeaverville and Arcata, CA
Contact OrganizationCalifornia Dept. of Fish and Game, Arcata
Contact Address5341 Ericson Way
Contact CityArcata
Contact StateCA
Contact Zip Code95521
Contact Voice Telephone707-822-3702