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KRIS Klamath : Meta Information Page

This page contains detailed information about a data set in KRIS, including where the original data reside and how to contact the sources for the data. Data sets are linked to the appropriate page by means of the Meta Identifier. Many data sets can be linked to same page by sharing the same Meta Identifier.

Meta IdentifierSRRCTemps
Type of DataWater temperature data collected using Hobotemps at numerous Salmon River locations.
OriginatorSalmon River Restoration Council
DescriptionHourly temperature data collected at numerous locations, imported into KRIS, Source Tables edited and cross tab or summary tables created to build charts.
Metadata Date11/12/2003
Metadata ContactJ.Villeponteaux
Contact Person PrimaryJ.Villeponteaux
Access ConstraintsNone
Data Set Namebb9702.db, bbmax98.dbf, bbrmax01.db, bumax95.dbf, cecil9700.dbf, confluence02.db, crapo02.db, crapolon00.dbf, crmax98.dbf, eddybrac2000.dbf, indian2000.dbf, inmax98.dbf, kkn9702.db, kknlong02.db, kme9702.db, kmelong02.db, knownotbrac2000.dbf, lnfbrac02.db, lnflong02.db, memax98.dbf, merrill00.dbf, msblwwool.db, mslong02.db, nflong02.db, nord9702.db, nordmax01.db, normax98.dbf, nrbrac02.db, nrusslong02.db, plummer2000.dbf, samaxd.dbf, samaxdd.dbf, sfef02.db, sflong02.db, speclong2000.dbf, specmax2000.db, sr9702.dbf, srussbrac02.db, taybrac02.db, wooley00.dbf
Date of Content Start6/1/1995
Date of Content End10/31/2000
Maint. and Update Freq.Annual
Serial Name319 H KRIS Project
Data Quality InformationSome Source tables not completely edited. May still be some outliers denoting air temperature, particularly in earlier years.
Use ConstraintsNone
Supplemental InformationAnnual reports to USFWS as 319H contract requirement
Keywordswater temperature, Salmon River, Hobotemp
PublisherSalmon River Restoration Council
Publication PlaceSawyers Bar
Issue IdentificationWater temperature
TitleSalmon River Water Temperature Data
AbstractThe Salmon River Restoration Council has collected water temperature data to explore suitability of the river and its tributaries for Salmonids.
Other Citation DetailsData results are entered into the KRIS system and shared in context in that format. Subset of results also available as annual reports to USFWS
Storage LocationSawyers Bar, SRRC and USFWS, Yreka and in KRIS
Contact OrganizationSalmon River Restoration Council
Contact AddressP.O. Box 1089
Contact CitySawyers Bar
Contact StateCA
Contact Zip Code96027
Contact Voice Telephone(530) 462-4665